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Investors and settlers sought for German chemical parks.

The German Chemical Industry Association eV (VCI) owns more than 90% of German chemical companies. The German sector group of the VCI primarily represents the interests of the operators of around 40 chemical parks in Germany and operates the website We developed a corporate design for the website for the first time and also designed a new, modern screen design based on a robust Typo3 backend.

The entire website is designed and implemented in a responsive design. The user thus experiences the same user experience on all the different devices he uses for the settlement research. A clear and simple navigation structure allows users to quickly orient themselves. A central information element of the website is the Google Maps map with the interactive open space filter. The individual Chemical Park pages are based on modularly designed content modules, such as lists, cards, sheets and picture galleries.



The website is intended to convince national and international settlers and investors to settle in German Chemical Parks. Here, the available open spaces within the various chemical parks are primarily intended to be advertised and communicated, in addition, the (German) concept of the chemical park should be explained in a comprehensible manner and explained the advantages of such parks and their diverse services.


VCI Chemical Parks UI Snippets   VCI Chemical Parks UI Snippets

Project insights

In various workshops, together with the customer, we have developed a concept for the various Chemical Parks that takes into account the entire requirements of the different operators (chemical parks). The website allows the 24 participating Chemical Parks and their operators to introduce themselves individually with their performance portfolios. The central interactive tool of the website is the open space map. The prospective settler can adjust his space requirements and receives a list of possible Chemical Park locations that meet his needs.

Chemical Park operators can edit and maintain their own microsite on the platform via intuitive front-end editing. In addition to text and image modules, Google Maps map entry, file downloads and picture gallery, they also have the option of integrating corporate videos.

The backend of the website and the individually programmed front-end editing tool are based on the Typo 3 Content Management System.

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