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TOMAMI® is a new brand of condiment products made from 100% tomato. We support the manufacturer in product positioning and establishment in e-commerce and food trade.


The market introduction of TOMAMI® and the innovative products in the seasoning segment was our primary task. In the First approach, the sales partners of the upmarket gastronomy and star kitchen were the target group. Subsequently, the focus was on cook-conscious end consumers.


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Project insights

With the implementation of an online blog, we entered into a direct dialogue with the primary target group of star chefs. In the second phase, the end user was presented with the possible uses of the products and offered the opportunity to purchase the product in the online shop.

In communication with the end consumer, the social media were also used. Facebook and Instagram have been selected as the most popular social media networks. We developed a social media strategy and gave the client an established community. Since then, the number of followers on Facebook has been steadily increasing, adding new customers every day.

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